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June 07, 2024



Bodies. Bodies are so weird.

Sorry about the head hair, though. Perhaps someday science will solve it, or you could start wearing an enamel pin saying "isn't my wig great?" or something...

(but not shaving legs: glorious!!!)


KC - So glorious to not shave legs. It even made me think I could tell more lies, like eyelash extensions.


I have a lot of very coarse hair on my head, which means I have a lot of (very coarse) hair everywhere (double edged sword!) Something I embarrassingly feel the need to tell people if they point out my hair thickness. But don't worry, I only tell my close friends that I essentially have pubic hairs growing from me head. I feel like that is a reasonable cosmic tradeoff except that I have barely any eyelashes at all! So I do the eyelash extension lie.

More information than you ever wanted to know from an internet stranger.


AH - no I LOVE you have told me about the eyelash extensions. Also, I think your last line there is essentially the description of this blog.

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