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May 19, 2024



Oooh, I think the only trouble with the cookie mosaic is that one would be tempted to provide more of anything that is vibrant or contrasting in color and might neglect more delicious but less visually-interesting cookies... that said, there are many phenomenally delicious *and* vibrant cookies, so maybe gingersnaps and chocolate chip cookies getting a day off, amazing as they are, would be okay. Maybe.

(the only two problems with the cookie mosaic, as I see it, is the allergy/gluten-free problem, since things are touching and there's not a good method for having signs as to what has what in it, and the secondary problem that once it is depleted, there's no easy way to refill [vs. bringing out a new tray of a particular cookie] so it looks like *that* only until people start munching; the second might be ameliorated by putting an interesting cloth/paper down under the cookies, though, that repeats the pattern, maybe? But also, presumably everyone in Pittsburgh is used to seeing depleted cookie tables and doesn't find them sad-looking.)


KC - I saw another that relied more on texture than color And I think that it would be like all party pre-work. The house looks gorgeous until the first guest arrives, and then they just clutter up the place.

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