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May 15, 2024



I've watched it and found it incredibly compelling, although admittedly difficult to watch at times. I'm curious what premise you are referring to. The fact that he didn't report her right away? Also, do I need to be vague to avoid spoilers for others?


AH - I think it would be nice to avoid spoilers. And yes, that he delayed, and that he encouraged and rejected simultaneously. I really want to know what Gary thinks he would do in that situation, because Gary is remarkably nice, especially to the ladies.


Yes, it would be interesting to hear from a male perspective. I found it completely believable in the circumstances that there was a bit of weird co-dependency there. But I may also have been influenced by knowing that it was based on a true story.


AH - same here. I wasn't even interested until I heard it really happened to some degree.

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