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May 06, 2024



Perhaps Goldie is saying "I would enjoy being brushed and played with more than once per day" rather than "hm. you are old. Perhaps I can convince you that you've just forgotten to do this today yet..." Maybe; I would not bet on it, though.

No explanation for Cat Alien Abduction, though. BUT in general you get more of what you reward, so thinking about Goldie's possible rewards schemas might help there. Or, now that you've talked about it, Goldie may just never do it again...


KC - as I understand it, cats in the wild sleep almost all of the time. The only time they don't sleep is when they are hunting at dawn and dusk. Goldie, as a feral, has this schedule baked into his bones. Kill, groom, sleep, kill, sleep, repeat. When I try to play/kill at sleep time he bites hard. If I try to ignore him at play/kill time, he bites softer. When I brush him at any other time he jumps off the table. He calls the shots.

So I now think the "extras" are him just training me. When he's rolled up in the rug, I get the toys, but he won't play. He just wants to reinforce that rug = toys because it's train the human time. Oh, and when he vanishes, I now think he's training me how to hunt ... him. I still don't enjoy it.


Well, I mean, one normally doesn't enjoy corporate-mandated training, right?...


KC - Corporate-mandated training is the entirety of my job! And, no, we try to make it enjoyable but yes, you are right. It is hard to enjoy.

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