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April 20, 2024



Uuuugh. We're having Insurance Nonsense where an orthopedic clinic is trying to charge a fee for visiting the (freestanding) ortho clinic as though it were a temporary stay at a hospital, when it was just One Visit To A Specialist (who didn't actually do much), which should just be the copay...

We did decode the insurance bill that was charging my spouse a small bill for "surgery" (???) at an urgent care facility where he most definitely did *not* have surgery. The actual reason for that specific charge? They gave him a finger splint he could use if he wanted to. Surgery, a finger splint you can use, same difference, right?


KC - And then just yesterday I got an email saying i have exceed the amount the financial aid people will give, which is odd given that I specifically asked both times not to get the aid, and called them in the start of the year to cancel it.



It is a mess.

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