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April 15, 2024



... oh, interesting! Our GFCI outlets are entirely self-contained, not connected.

I strongly approve of the heartlight. :-)


KC - the issue with it is that it makes it too easy to look directly at the exposed bulb. And Gary's migraine can't tolerate that. We keep test out bylbs, like bulbs with less than 100 lumens.


I bet a strip of foil the width of the space between the heart and the wall would help with that problem, as long as it didn't cause too much heat to build up [aka: possibly not if it's an incandescent unless you hole-punched the top of the strip for heat to escape?].

(migraines suck; sorry for Gary)


KC - I have three low-lumen bulbs coming, none too white or bright. I just need to see if it stays on without walking into the bathroom and testing every day.

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