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December 03, 2023



It *can* prove fatal, but from friends with cats, it more often proves gross as it comes out the other end... uh, accompanied... and then sheds some of its accompaniment as the cat wanders around.

But also, yes, cat turning down thing made/bought specifically for cat in favor of thing that was cheap/free and/or is not entirely safe for cat: 100% cat behavior.


KC - ugh. Like inches of shedding, or a foot of shedding?


How much of a second, clumped-upon tail the cat develops depends on the yarn and various internal factors. The ones I've seen have been 6+ inches. (also sometimes the cat freaks out about being "followed" and thus: utter chaos with intermittent deposits in unlikely places. Other times, no freakout, not sure why.)


KC - Eww eww. A second tail. The imagery!

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