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December 05, 2023



... not my *least* favorite phrase, but yeah, not great. (especially when used to imply that doing something Stupid would be Brave and thus fortune will favor you if you do the Stupid Thing and... probably not.)(okay, also when used to imply that those not favored by "Fortune" were not adequately brave, because *usually* that is not the core issue.)

But also yes, ram/uterus.

May she be shuffled back in someday!


KC - it's always taken at face value by people who don't know it's Pliny's last words before being taken out by a volcano.


... it's *WHAT* now? *scuttles off to wikipedia to find out about Pliny...*


KC - Get the right Pliny. Plliny the Elder.


All - Update!. Treasure was born. with. an. extra. thumb.


(got the right Pliny, also fascinating)(I knew in theory you could be born with extra random body parts, but doubly-opposable thumbs seems like one of the few possibly-useful but almost-certainly-immediately-surgically-removed ones...)


KC - it's really common. 1 in 1,000.

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