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November 25, 2023



I adore Mike Birbiglia, but have not yet finished watching The Old Man and the Pool, I have fallen asleep twice,at about the same spot. Not because I'm bored, or any real negative reason, I think Ijust find his voice very soothing. Sometimes his specials are my "going to sleep" viewing, so I have trained my brain more than I realize I guess. Yes, I have ridiculous and not at all healthy "sleep" routines.


Kristie - I know just what you mean. Weekend Update on SNL does that to me, and Last Week Tonight. I don't see either as soothing, but perhaps there's something about comedic timing. It's rhythmic, I suppose? But yes, most weeks there's a spot where I conk out, and though I rewind and try again, I fall asleep atbthe same spot every time.

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