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November 28, 2023



... pretty sure it's *mostly* just you. I think I've known some women who aimed to not startlingly change in appearance, which might have some slightly similar effects, but I don't think I've known anyone who has tallied accuracy of appearance the way you are describing. (but: there is probably someone out there)

If I feel phony while wearing makeup or otherwise Not My Usual, I don't do phoniness math but I do tend to just blurt it out. (...this has been weird on occasion.)


I *am* familiar with women taking outfits up or down a notch in terms of Dressiness or Fanciness or Casualness, though. But that feels different vs. having a specific Acceptable Degree of Divergence from your entirely unadorned or entirely unaltered state?


KC - I think the closest thing would be “evening” makeup vs “daytime” makeup. Of course I have only a few instances of slapping on extra makeup for the evening.
Maybe It’s more like wearing Spanx AND a padded bra? I don’t know.


The only rumination I've heard on things like Spanx/padded bra deception is basically the concern of catching a guy who is then frustrated/disappointed that the, uh, underlying reality/territory is not as advertised; that might be applicable to wigs and false teeth as well, I guess, but is 100% not applicable to your situation since Gary knows by now what he has gotten into. :-)


KC - Even though he knew what he was getting, what he ended up with is so, so different.


HA! Fair, but also unrelated to your current office presentation. ;-)

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