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September 13, 2023



... that's *brilliant* and fascinating. A quarter is marginally better than nothing, but "gotta roost in the driveway" is a *whoooole* lot better than nothing. Especially with the car horn being right there and all that...

I think Current Recommendations, given near-universal cell phones, are to have a code word/phrase for the kid to use when asking permission to stay at a party/etc. (when the kid feels uncomfortable but where it is socially difficult to say no, or a word to text to parents when they feel like they should go home) that results in the parents ordering their child to get home immediately and/or telling the child they'll be coming to pick them up, but that works more for group social situations than one-on-one things.

Were any boyfriends more Dad-Glowering-Resistant, or was it a pretty universal backing-off-now thing?


KC - I had my eyes closed during most of the dad-glowering incidents. I only heard about it after. I remember being astonished I could do anything to annoy my very distant (step)Dad.

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