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September 27, 2023



Ooooh. Might be worth contacting them anyway, since sometimes things get delayed and it might be after the evushield one completes?


KC - perhaps it's advertising posing as a study?


Either that or a new device doing a similar thing needs FDA approval before they sell it?


KC - Do they have to do a trial for every single permutation of a medicine? That seems excessive.


Depends on how close it is to the original, I think, and whether the new dosage+additives have ever been separately studied before (i.e. in tolerance trials to verify that yes, 15mg is the best average dose but 25mg won't kill you) and have a plausible argument as to why they won't interact oddly.

Nerve-zappy devices: not sure, but I honestly kind of *want* them to verify that this thing that one dude dreamed up as probably equally good as or superior to the current bladder-zap-the-nerve devices does in fact 1. work and 2. not cause massive side effects. (controlled nerve zapping is an *extraordinarily* promising field for a ton of things - check out VNS - *and also* kind of like GI flora, we do not know at all the ins and outs of how it works, limitations, optimal settings, variation between individuals, additional effects, etc.)


KC - they make it sound like they just put a wire close enough to your nerve that the electrical impulse just jumps the tracks when it finds the nerve impaired. It cannot be that simple, right?

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