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May 25, 2023



Fluffy clouds: success; wispy clouds: less so? Anyway. Yes, enough beating your head against clouds for now, but maybe in 6 months or a year you can try again and see how your technique has changed/improved?


KC - I like the top left wispy clouds best, because I don't know how I did them. lt was looser.


They look less wispy painted, but a lot like clouds, so I think that is also a success in some form, but a different kind of success from the "yes, the photo cloud looks a *lot* like the painted cloud" clouds?

Looser is probably good, but probably also hard to replicate until you've done it a lot...


KC - i should stop striving for realism.


I'm not sure; realism serves as a "test" and is therefore useful for skill progression, potentially? (depends what one wants to do - and what one wants to be *able* to do - I guess?)


KC -looseness is more prized over realism nowadays.


... I feel like with most forms of art, realism trains your eyes and hands, so then you can be loose intentionally instead of just sloppy? Unless one locks up to do realism instead of remaining slightly relaxed but still making things go where you want them, that is.

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