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May 22, 2023



Many things, but not all, are improved by doing the homework. But usually they aren't marked by "this one will improve with further knowledge!" vs. "this one will be near-ruined with further knowledge" so that is a mite inconvenient (although I suspect some of the bifurcation is also personal and dependent on the quality and content of the further knowledge)(sometimes it's better to be bemused and perplexed and surprised than to know what was meant to be being communicated, because you just want to kick the artists for doing such a *terrible* and exclusively self-indulgent job at communication, for me, but probably this is not the same for all)(and then there's the "this beautiful, soul-inspiring, hope-giving work was produced by a child molester" sort of info). I'm not sure what the percentages are, overall, for opera.


KC - Both Anne and I tried to keep away from spoilers - and that might have been a mistake.

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