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May 19, 2023



No, look, surviving is a real thing that you did in fact manage and which is at least a little impressive under the circumstances. "Successfully avoided being a bad statistic or terrifying cautionary tale" is *good*!

But yes. That's not an icebreaker I have a prefab answer to, either.


KC - Well, I dod have my Mom and Dad helping me survive. I can't feel proud of it. Any really, anything I did would be so Mom might feel pride, not me.


I go with the fact that I was in the all-state chorus. I actually am proud of that.

But hey, you’re right, you totally did survive. :)

I was surprised to see your recent comment on my blog. I didn’t think anyone was reading it; I was using it to shout in to the void.


OTTami (It's been years!) - There can be no void with the Feedly app.

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