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April 02, 2023



... yeah, they needed to amp that up a chunk to make it more obvious. Yikes.

Between the pandemic and Trump and... murder hornets and the bubonic plague showing up again and a literally armed insurrection (which largely only failed because their human targets were moved to safety before they could get there, and *those* people didn't have a Plan B, and since they were largely not opposed with lethal force, there was no armed conflict adequate to justify martial law), satire/exaggeration really became rather challenging. It's legitimately *hard* to make up more ridiculous stuff. Also, I think the surreal-ness of life has substantially reduced my enjoyment of surreal jokes/art (presumably it works differently with different people, though), and surrealist/bizarre/exaggerated stuff is probably the easiest April Fool's Jokes. (but, like "state legislature composes bill which would technically ban many children from entering their school assembly halls because in the last five years one of Shakespeare's comedies which includes cross-dressing [...most of them] has been presented there" or "state legislature bans free access to books in schools, but refuses to consider restricting access to guns which can kill more than 6 people per minute" are... hard to beat?)

(I have been rather impressed with The Onion's general shift from "predominately making up really funny exaggerated impossible things" to "approximately stating ludicrous real-life positions" i.e. "we need cop city, because as an experienced cop, I can't figure out which is my gun and which is my taser, but I'm sure 9 more training sessions will sort that out." - they did that before sometimes, too, like "mom celebrates vacation, doing the same chores she always does but slightly closer to a beach" and whatnot, but honestly they are leaning into reality pretty heavily now, and the results are impressive)


KC - The Onion has its limits, most famously with the Quadragon joke after 9/11. (https://www.newsweek.com/fast-chat-onion-154021)

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