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March 20, 2023



... Uh. Expires one year later? This seems like... a bad structure, for end-of-life documents, really.


KC - I suppose if you were on your last legs it would make sense. Perhaps it was just for the MS program. Certainly a typical full-body donation doesn't have that constraint..


I'm glad it doesn't typically have that constraint - I can't imagine literally being on your last legs and going "well, gonna die within a month - oh, that's right, my body donation expired last month, gotta get another one" while dealing with everything else!


KC - exactly! THAT'S WHY i thought I could get it taken care of up front. I need to make some calls and find a bettwe way to do the same thing.


Hope it works out easily and well.


(also, I hope it doesn't end up being relevant at all for a few decades, just to note.)


KC - same! October taught me things can turn on a dime (or appear that way if information is withheld).

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