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March 23, 2023



You're in this one to learn clouds; I feel like you can indulge yourself with improvising the rest of the picture to improve it?


KC - I think the next one is just going to be cloud after cloud. Some realistic, some not. I suspect what I should have done is read ahead in the directions. I suspect all that gets painted over.


I'd be quite annoyed if I carefully imitated part of the photo of a painting and *finally* was satisfied with that section... that then turned out to be an area which is completely discarded and painted over in the next step.

I mean. The brief feeling of internal satisfaction at accurately being able to replicate a painting stage: good. But. Sometimes we want competent work we've done to not be exclusively temporary!


KC - I didn't mind, it's all about the process and the practice. But I would rather not be confused.

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