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March 02, 2023



Oooooh. Nice work!

I will look forward to clouds or not-loose looseness or actually-loose looseness, depending on whether the second book gets itself together to fulfill its original promise.


KC - Right now the second book is doubling-down on left brain vs right brain, which I hear has been discredited.


We definitely have different modes of function, but I've always been pretty skeptical that all binaries match onto left/right brain, esp. since some of them turn out to not be binaries, but actually more modes than that. However! As a way to get people to understand that, for most people, the part of your brain that does interpretation *realllllly* wants to drive and you sometimes need to turn it off in order to accurately reproduce what you're seeing: I think that's still right. Er. Correct.

(totally, totally, totally unsurprised that the left/right brain binary is not it, though, esp. since while some areas of the brain tend to be actually associated with different functions, as in, if you lose that lump of your brain, those functions go away either partly or completely and then you have to learn them over again to some degree... you can still learn them over again to some degree and a different lump of brain does some of the jobs that the missing lump of brain used to do because the brain is weird and plastic and did I mention weird?)


KC - the only lump I know of is Broca's ... something. Sea of Broca? Something about language, I don't know.

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