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March 15, 2023



Some people do miss out on "self-referential" via a lack of exposure. And some people don't want easy charm, they want gritty/heart-wrenching/etc. But sigh for a lack of appreciation.

(I do think some ratings are just "this is not my sort of thing"; someone at my book group proposed each giving a star rating to each book, and I'm oddly hesitant to do that without classifying the books, because "five stars for a book that required zero brain activity [and did not reward brain activity] but which was great for one of those books" is not the same as "five stars for a self-help book that exactly addresses an issue I am currently having but which I doubt would be helpful for 90% of the population" and neither is the same as A Five Star Book.


Close parenthesis.)


KC - Well, that might be true, but I'm still convinced those poor reviewers were just angry, sour people.


Sigh. It would be nice if there was a lower percentage of angry and sour out there. (and also a lower percentage of sour inside ourselves, honestly, and ditto for inappropriately angry, but I think we should probably be angry about some things. But probably not sour.)


KC - I have some rule left over from childhood that only one person in the household can be emotional and sour. I tend to keep my sourness inside.


... that is both a good rule (for reducing the chaos of dysfunction) and not a good rule at all.

Sourness sometimes needs ignoring - it will go away with time and perspective - and sometimes it needs sunlight and/or a fridge cleanout. Depends on the type of sour, I think.


KC - there is a time for fight and a time for flight, and time to be sour and a rime to restrain from sourness.

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