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March 04, 2023



I think it looks terrific.


Kate - Thank you! This wig, called Wanna, is getting a workout next week when the wig stand and tripod arrive so I can properly place curls.
I am at this moment wearing the previous wig, which I have shortened to Manager, and I sprayed on lots of wax and made it very spiky and crazy. It still looks like it has anxiety but it is being managed by medication. Or alcohol.


The second look is *GREAT* and feels very you-ish and does nice things with your face shape. I have always been incompetent at predicting what would look good with peoples' shapes/silhouettes [or, for that matter, which throw cushions would go well vs. poorly with which sofa] but I do know it when I see it, even if I can't predict it. :-)

I would be interested to see the current iteration of Manager!


KC - I should have taken a photo of how it looked Saturday night. Lots of wax I need to wash out first. I think I'm going to have to wash it then wad it up in a towel and dry it like that.
(And yes, I can'1 tell how anything will look in my mind's eye. I have to move the furniture to see what it will look like.)


I can tell whether things will *technically* fit - I am a tetris whiz and it translates to moving and to furniture-corner-fitting - but bring colors into it or make me guess ideal visual weights rather than just doing tightest-packing algorithms, and I'm a lost cause.

Will look forward to photos of wig. :-) And lots of (metaphorical) furniture moving!


KC - I follow mom's path with furniture, which was to move every piece into every permutation and pick one. I stick with my best outcome for years, though, where Mom changed things up annually.

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