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March 21, 2023



Still not downing a fifth of vodka? Personally I think that just having some occasions of binge eating is dealing pretty well, given everything.

Dollhouse pop-tarts would be hard to resist, yes.

And now I'm curious as to what Quisp is!


KC - it is Cap'n Crunch only less harsh to your upper palate and shaped into little "UFOs" -- sugar, essentially, but for kids.


Less harsh to your upper palate is a good thing! Now that you say that, I have Memories of a kind of ripped-up mouth from some of those Cereals Eaten At Sleepovers... but also a lack of desire for Quisp since I was not all that impressed with Cap'n Crunch. (corn pops I did like, and cocoa puffs I *really* liked, and there was a peanut butter flavored thing that also met with approval, but our home cereal choices were cheerios, full-size unsweetened shredded wheat, and sometimes some form of chex - not the happy sugar cereals. Which, eh, was probably for the best given how cranky I get after a sugar crash...)


KC - Sugar crashes don't affect me. Not having food affects me: I get very testy.

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