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March 27, 2023



... flavoring really is key. Otherwise you just have rice goo which... eh.

Fresh ginger, white pepper, garlic, salt, and fat from either meat (I prefer pork) or sesame oil. It really can be good, just... maybe no bbq sauce.

Also I would totally understand it not being everyone's jam - it's (deliciously flavored, soothing) rice goo.

But yeah. Flavoring-wise, try, try again?


(also: should end up as soup, not paste. It is fine to have paste and water it down, though?)

(but also I am not Authentic, so there is that. But I have had authentic congee repeatedly, and it is reaaaally good and the stuff we make at home is at least recognizably similar to my untutored tastebuds.)


KC - It seemed to do that alchemy thing when it turns from one substance into another, like pasta and pate a choux. I have confidence in chicken and garlic.


Chicken and garlic may well work!

But if not, add some powdered ginger even if you don't have fresh. And salt a spoonful of it to see if more salt is what's necessary...


KC - I almost always have fresh ginger. White pepper, though, no. However, I just made wonderful little quiches that turned out very very well, so congee has been demoted.


Quiches are a delight!

The white pepper is something I love, but probably isn't vitally necessary. Chicken and ginger and garlic (and salt or soy sauce or both) should work. But also, congee is not vitally necessary to try!


KC - It's not going to go bad. That is if it freezes well. I imagine it does.

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