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March 07, 2023



If I had a sous-vide, I'd use it to pasteurize in-shell eggs so I could have over-easy eggs without my GI system pitching a fit, but pork tenderloin: also good.

I think big plans that are outside of your field of interest (re: activity, not re: outcomes) do tend to come to naught. If you figured out how to sous-vide a wig, though...


KC - you could sous vide a wig.- They have very specific heat limitations.
Seriously I want to sous-vide a wig now.


... I am intrigued, but concerned. Wouldn't the wig hair tangle in the sous vide heater/circulator?


KC - oh, no, it would be vacuum sealed in a sous-vide bag. That's the beauty of the pork tenderloin, the butcher has plasticized it and you don't have to put that in a bag.

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