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March 24, 2023



Fascinating. My feet still just get warm-water soaks and exfoliation with a weird scrubby scarf thing from... maybe Japan? (so. useful. and also it's holding up well and more washable than a loofah is, since it's only a single layer of scrubby-fabric) But I think that's all they want, too.

Maybe if I had a diva toe, we'd have to get all experimental as well. But mine are placid. So, my feet get a mostly calm life.


KC - you are lucky, or naturally moisturized, or perhaps you self-moisturize. I can't bear lotion. No doubt Spunky would prefer it but lotion makes my skin crawl.


I’ve tried one of these twice and find they work really well. Or I assume they do. You’re supposed to leave them alone but my ADD loves, loves, LOVES to peel off the skin as soon as it starts peeling so I never get the full effect. But I love the peeling! So maybe it works in the long run, lol.


LIsa - I didn't peel this time and it worked far less effectively, but that might also be because it was expired. I keep delaying this experiment for just the right dull work meeting. Soaking my feet: a good use of already wasted time.

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