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February 13, 2023



I am currently struggling with the general "how many objects should we have (can we plausibly have and still actually enjoy them) that are simply things we *like* and that have no other function in my life" question, in part actuated by storage boxes of Stuff, but aggravated yesterday by finding out that there are color-change touch-to-turn-on silicone narwhal battery-operated nightlights/bedside low-light lamps. Sigh.

All that to say, I hope Gary enjoys his wig, and while I think you should leave alone any wigs that you're currently happy with, I endorse the manic overconfidence hobby stage, because sometimes the mad science experiments do work and also if a wig can't readily be returned, you may as well have a go at things and if enough experiments fail in a row, it'll start correcting the manic overconfidence.


Well frig, now I want that wig AND a colour-change touch-to-turn-on silicone narwhal battery-operated nightlight. I bought a long turquoise wig once from ebay - man overconfidence doesn't even begin to describe it, my own hairline is stupid and I look even stupider in wigs. I hope Gary is very happy with this one - did he name it yet?


KC - Well, no it occurs to me that if I am going to take wefts out of a cheap synthetic wig, I could just as well take wefts out of a used expensive wig, and get really manic about it! Now I'm excited.
Allison - No he hasn't named it, but I can tell you that if he had a Narwhal Nightlight he would name it Fred. He names everything Fred.

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