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February 12, 2023



Actually, I think that wig would look fine on you (*with* your current face!) as long as it was grey or had some streaks of grey in it; the very solid color does not work well with the I Am Not In My Twenties face, though.

(it would almost certainly still look odd to you, though, because you have been seeing not-that-thick hair around your face for your entire lifespan, so, there is that)(but I know some older people who have thick hair even as they have aged; *but* it's always greying/grey/white after a certain age, presumably because if you color hair it doesn't stay that happy?)


I agree with KC. I'm going backwards here, but would your manic overconfidence extend to dying it?


KC - Yeah, it needs something. If I went with grey I would have the issue with the “sideburns” we all have. I’d need to dye them or shave them. But you are right, it would need something to de-glorify it.
Allison - Can’t dye it! It’s plastic. or nylon or some synthetic.You can coat it, but then that washes out.


Does silver hair mascara still exist to put a streak or two in it to try out? (hair mascara: not something I think I've seen on shelves since 2000 or so...)


KC - Yes, it still exists. There are a number of spray-in hair options (even silver), but the all wash out. I tried some on a wig that had surprising colors of eggplant AND red, and it made the wig feel sticky.

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