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February 28, 2023



*hugs* to you.


I'm so sorry you are missing your brother.

I have to say, as someone who asked myself "why" a lot before ultimately taking the plunge, I feel a very strong need to tell anyone thinking about the decision that both options are very valid life choices and to emphasize that I could also have had a very fulfilling and happy life without a child. Like an emissary from the other side.

Back when I wasn't sure I wanted to take the plunge (and then when I decided to but it turned out I was barren and required assistance) I always found those questions so offensive. Because none of your business, that's why.


KC - thanks.
AH - It's nice to hear there are emissaries from both sides. What a road that must have been: wanting and then needing assistance. I'm glad you wanted and then got what you wanted.

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