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February 08, 2023



... I like nerve-wracking better, too. But I also like grey rather than gray for most uses - it feels greyer - and I adore the Oxford comma, so I'm never going to find a style guide that I agree with enthusiastically on all points.

(=I also feel like as we age, there are things that were Normative when we were younger which we don't like the newer versions of, but the newer version eventually get encoded in the style guides and that's just one of the Get Off My Lawn aging processes, I think? Slang we like, slang we don't like, grammatical playing we like or don't like, and what we personally like or don't like isn't going to make all that much of a difference, sigh...

("I gifted" instead of "I gave" drives me nuts most places it occurs - I do think there is a legitimate use case for gift as a verb wherever it does provide needed additional context - but not *everywhere*... but I strongly suspect the world is moving along quite comfortably without me.)


KC - When "alot" becomes a word, then I will riot. (By the way, I just noticed I typed "out a typo" instead of "put a typo" which is a little scary. That wasn't deliberate.) I rely on MSWord to tell me if it is grey or gray.

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