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February 24, 2023



Oh noooooo.

But yes, 1. you will not have to see these people quite yet, and 2. it's kind of nice sometimes to have a reality check. Sort of.

Also good to know that there's someone kind enough to mute the audio!


KC - I realize I gave credit to my team leader for the mute when technically it was my scrummaster. Never thought I would live in a world where I would have a "scrummaster."


Oh good heavens you have a scrummaster. Unit testing and all the rest of it?


KC - not all of it. Agile light.


Fascinating. How is it compared to whatever you guys had in place before it, from your perspective? More maddening, less maddening, or only differently-maddening?

(I suppose that could be a whole blog post except this isn't a tech blog except this is an everything blog, so probably you could get away with a post on it?... maybe)


KC - Oh, much better than what we had before. (And it's a little too much insight into our company.)


So glad it is better than what you had before! Sometimes companies adopt The Latest Silver Bullet Fad and do it badly - or it is simply the wrong Silver Bullet Fad for them.

(and yeah, fair)

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