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January 26, 2023



It is fascinating watching this shift.

Does the book that has the painting you're imitating in it say *how* to do things, or does it just give you photos of in-between stages along with vague "now highlight the wave" sorts of things?


KC - this particular one is very clear on exactly what colors to mix, but not the proportions. The thing that bothers me that there have been obvious changes to the inage between steps that are not detailed or explained in the text. No "And put some more smudgy stuff on the mountain," when you can see smudgy stuff has been added, and you feel a little conned.


Yeah. If it's step-by-step with descriptions, it should actually include all the instructions.

That's an error many make when they're expert at something, though - cooking, painting, building, whatever - there are these "tiny" things that they automatically do that make all the difference, but they don't think of them as things to teach, they just do them without realizing they're even doing them. It's remarkably different, being able to *do* something and being able to *teach* someone how to do that thing, especially if you don't have the person in front of you so you can see what they're skipping/missing *because you never told them to do it* in your "comprehensive" instructions.

Anyway! At least it has some instruction? Or is it not really better than nothing?


KC - it's worse because it suggests the aim is a perfect replica, but then it's better because you don't have to make those thousands of decisions per second.

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