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January 13, 2023



Sometimes editors do make synthetic suggestions - the "more of this, less of that" sort of things, but yes, it varies a lot, and yes, mostly they are yes/no-ing books.

(publishers have been slowly cutting back on how much they help your book out, though. For a while in academic publishing, the publisher would hire someone to proof the book, and would sometimes/often hire someone to professionally build your index, and now: not so much. I've also heard that advertising is pushed significantly more to the authors as well, which is a big part of why authors who already have "social media presence" are more likely to be accepted because at least *that* many people will hear about the book, which, okay, fair, if you have two equivalent quality books but one of them comes with a pre-built audience and one has zilch, then yes, the book with the built-in audience is a better financial proposition. But it feels unfair.)

Anyway. I hope whatever process you go through goes well! (and also this post has an alarmingly high number of typos for you, which may be intentional? I am sometimes bad at catching things like implicit jokes regarding proofreading, which this could easily be...)


KC - holy crap! Those are awful typos. (Even for me.) See, I blame the Grammarly keyboard. Plus, I have a habit of proofreading the night before something posts and I was busy last night. I wish I could palm it off as irony but no. I'm going to fix it but I must fully disclose that I typed these things:
"...publishing hiusd, but if the absent is editing, "
"...rejetection letters than to get an agent, get his approval, find a publisher, andnege get the rejection there..."


... so you used the Grammarly keyboard but it *didn't tell you* there were some... issues? I keep seeing the youtube commercials and "we completely ignore typos and only tell you about things like passive voice, yay!" has not been a listed feature.


KC - when I use Grammarly at work it's great, but here at home on the iPad it jumps my cursor back half a sentence and only points up my problems when I hover over them.


... yikes. That sounds fairly treacherous!

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