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January 21, 2023



Q: do you have a massage wand or something? Because a specialized PT taught me that yes, actually, we can confuse our nerves, so if you have an area that is in pain but shouldn't be (is not mechanically damaged; the pain is not a warning signal you should be paying attention to, but something that needs to be un-Pavlov-ed), you can use vibration on it or "upstream" of it.

So: hand in a bowl of marbles, vibration, hairbrush bristles against skin: do any of those make any of the symptoms recede a bit?

(I have *definitely* had pain that was middling and that I didn't notice at all while there was a Big Honking Pain Source, and then once that went away, oh, yes, there is this other pain, and this stuff works with that, but you've got more... variety... going on there.)(Stress/grief does weird things, too, so there is that.)


KC - I will have to try the upstream trick. (And it will surprise no one to hear that while I do not have marbles or a hairbrush, I have the other.)


At least you don't smell like a litter box........


MA - I have found that the trick to littler boxes ls to wear an N95 mask while cleaning them.

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