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January 29, 2023



Why not? Because people who have been infected once with covid are still getting re-infected, and in some cases the infections get progressively *worse* due to damage, instead of only the first one being rocky.

Also: stroke risk, long covid, etc. A friend's dad has long covid, to the "he can't perform normal activities of daily life without help" level, vs. him doing farming, roof repair, etc. before he had his one round of covid in the middle of last year.

Sorry. I think hermits gotta hermit a while longer, except for things you can do in an n95. (do I like eating with people and talking with them such that I can see their faces? YES. Is it worth potentially being further disabled for the rest of my life? NOPE.)


KC - all true, it's just I am so royally sick of it.


Yes. I take to hermiting rather naturally, but I am also sick of it, which... really says something.

(but also watching our society burn through its total human executive function and life expectancy is really depressing. The executive function loss is from a *ton* of sources, not just long covid, but man, that is one we could individually be changing. That and what we do with social media - maybe some other things as well?)

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