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January 03, 2023



Apparently puffy eyes can be a sign that your kidneys are letting protein out into your urine and they are not supposed to do that. (I just learned that and hunted up this post to comment on it since I remembered you mentioning this, although different-color skin around the eyes is maybe not puffy eyes, Hm.)


KC - could be. Bubbles are another sign on protein in urine, and that shows up intermittently. Good question for the doctor next month - thought the redness has afflicted other people on these zoom calls.


Honestly, the ambient light and the camera settings can do really weird things with skin, too.

Also, I have no idea whether the eye skin stays pale when puffing due to protein loss or whether it wouldn't. Doctor should know, though - or rather, at least the doctor should be able to run a check if it's relevant/concerning. :-)


KC - no doubt it would show up in the blood panels at my physical.

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