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December 28, 2022





Duolingo is a corporation. Corporations do not have feelings. Corporations should not try to guilt you into something, even if it is something that it is possible some portion of their user base does want some additional motivation to do because they are tiiiiired but they still abstractly want to be language-learning.

(also: I am assuming there's no "but our family must have at least one alcoholic going at any given time!" thing weirdly stuck in your head, but if there is, that would be a *great* way to disappoint them, by dropping the ball on the holding of the official title of Alcoholic Jerk.)


KC — I don’t think I could be an alcoholic. Alcohol tastes like stomach acid mixed with olive oil. But I do feel as if David’s death has opened up the position of Irresponsible One. This will probably bite me about two months from now when the insurance is due.

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