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December 14, 2022



See, that sounds like it would have been a horrible experience at any age, so there is that. Of course, when you were in your 20s there wasn't GPS. And also probably no Gary yet. So that would have been an advantage/disadvantage. (I feel like which-road disagreement is significantly more unpleasant the more arguing you need to do?)


KC - given how it all turned out I don't know why I didn't just shut out the arguing and do what I wanted.I suppose because he had a migraine and we cater to the sick.


KC - the worst part was when he said, "Just follow the car in front of us. He's getting off the highway. He's going the same place we're going." I don't know why he feels justified making this assumption.


"He's going the same place we're going" is... quite an assumption. (unless the car is decorated for an event that you are going to, that is; it is probably more reasonable in that case)

But yes, habit of catering. And also yes, migraines suck.


KC - They do suck. Sadly, Gary's attempts to see the doctor ran into a BQ Covid surge in which the doctor was out with Covid.

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