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November 09, 2022



FOUR DAYS? For *HOSPICE* medications??? And since some were controlled substances, you couldn't just pull them to a different pharmacy, I guess?

kathy potvin

Aside from the doctors and hospice people trying to do right by Dave, every single other part sounds like the world's biggest cluster. I am so sorry the universe was so intent getting in the way of you who was there for a kind and important reason. Damn universe.


KC - I would have, but every day they were imminent. Had I known they were four days down the road I would have gone elsewhere - but, the hospice recommended CVS because the ither alrernative, Walgreens, was slow.
Kathy Potvin - It was just a bad sitarion. I wish I could have picked my hospice, or brought my own drugs.

kathy potvin

hahaha. I so often think bringing my drugs could make things better.


Kathy Potvin - My drug of choice is food. I have been eating at a rate not seen since mom died.

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