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November 16, 2022




I'm glad the porn was someone else's job, though.

Now I'm wondering if someone could reprogram the Ring doorbell to be a sound dogs hide from, like thunder, or vacuum cleaners, or the carrier that they're transported to the vet in, or something...


Incidentally, something I am deeply thankful for whenever I'm working on my dad's computer or my spouse's computer: NO PORN. I absolutely love it.

I sometimes find out more about my dad's gullibility and about his political activities than I want to know when working on his computer, but at least NO PORN!


KC - Yeah, I didn't look at the PCs, but one old-school non-digital photograph showed up. Oddly, it wasn't a Polaroid. I can't imagine how it got developed.


Some drugstore film employee, probably. They used to see a... lot. Sorry you also had to see it!


KC - I didn't see it for long. Into the trash immediately.

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