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November 13, 2022



... yeah. That's a... mix.

(it has been weird for me to try to figure out which stories are more reliable - but some of them are pretty obvious...)


KC - The hardware story always sounded a little sketchy. The thing about alcoholics like Dave. They claim to be scrupulously honest, yet they are not.


From interactions with an alcoholic neighbor in childhood, I suspect that when you have partly pickled your brain, it is harder to tell which things you dreamed or made up or mentally exaggerated or wanted to be this way, and which things actually happened that way? (and especially hard to remember *when* literally anything happened; yesterday or a week ago? or maybe last year?)


KC - Dave probably wasn't pickled; he was sober for 33 years. It would be so wrong if he still died from lying to himself.


Oh, I was under the impression that alcohol abuse does actual brain damage (our neighbor didn't have to be drunk to be substantially inaccurate, although also people are sometimes alcoholics because they are "self treating" something else with alcohol, so it could have been the something-else that did that, not the alcohol history?).

Unless he was buying fancy Alternative Cancer Treatments, Dave probably did not die *from* lying to himself. A lot of cancers are real brutes, and there is sometimes not a lot that can be done once things are found, esp. if someone has a lineup of pre-existing conditions that make them less likely to live through various different types of treatments, which it sounds like Dave had?


KC - that's Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome (wet brain) but it can be reversed with sobriety if you catch it early. Later reality gets fuzzy. And yes, he did have pre-existing conditions. I need to call the hospital and work my way toward getting the real story.

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