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November 19, 2022



Not tacky. This is all weird and hard and complicated and annoying, and grief eliminates exactly zero of all that, generally (usually just makes it all worse, complicated-wise, at least).

That is a nice window-seat, though! Also a nice car. Pity both are in New Mexico.


KC - not actually such a nice car. Thee interior door handle has fallen off and even Gorillla glue doesn't keep it on. And the drivers seat is torn. Plus it's old. The blue book value is 2-3 thousand. But it looks great, in fact Dave's Christmas present last year was a new passenger side door. (For the ladies.)


Oh, that is unfortunate. Can the handle get a splint, or a bone screw sort of thing?


KC - it's going to someone who is very handy, so it will be his problem. I was just rolling down the window and using the edge of the door to close it.

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