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November 06, 2022



HOORAY! I am so glad the dogs are taken care of. And so glad there is this fund where you *can* just throw money at things to make them work out, where that is a possibility.


KC - It is entirely possible everyone would have done something without any incentive. I really do think that, given how one person really wanted to give the extra money back. But the money angle gave me a sense if power, not futility, that I was trying everything I could. Gary suggested I could have flown the dogs back in the baggage, but seriously, how terrifying would that be for a dog? And how many stories have I read if pets being lost at Lambert Airport?


This sounds like a fantastic way to spend money, and I'm so glad the dogs are on their way to Colorado! Surely they will find wonderful owners there!


Suzanne - the shelter sent a video of the dogs playing in the Colorado snow. They look very happy.

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