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November 03, 2022



Here from Bibliomama's blog to say hello! Congrats on your rewrite! I have been working on a novel for a long while, and need to take another stab at revising. This time, I need to pare out all the extraneous fluff that I am so precious about, but holy cats is it hard!

I LOVE your blog's tagline, by the way.


Suzanne (hi Suzanne!) - It really is hard. I think it's less hard when the novel started out as someone else's. And maybe your extra fluff is charming. I just heard Obama's speechwriter on Colbert talking about how not everything has to be a 10 out of 10, maybe there needs to be some room for silence. Maybe you need that extra for pacing.


That's a very kind suggestion.

And I suppose it COULD be different, when the novel isn't yours. But the pressures must be different, too. In any case, best of luck in revising! (Especially since you've found a later draft, it sounds like. Sigh.)


Suzanne - I was going to spend my extra hour of Daylight Saving to read it , but I decided to spend it rehydrating my body. Because what if it's,good? What if I'm trying to improve something he already improved? I think I'll wait until next weekend to see if I've been wasting all this time.

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