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November 29, 2022



Tshirts are knit, so there isn't warp and weft/woof, just a single yarn knit. For mixed-fiber t-shirts, it is possible for nearly all the [one fiber] in the yarn to be washed/worn/chemical-reaction/moth-eaten away and nearly only the [other fiber, usually plastic] to remain.

I bet none of *theirs* is gossamer-thin!

(were the whale mugs 1. a mistake [an aunt was under the impression, for over a decade, that I looooooved frog stuff], 2. a joke [here, there's this thing you've specifically said you can't use but that you keep around to remember us by! here's another one!], or 3. something else?)


KC - You are right, when I look closely it looks like a grid of grey plastic with tufts of fabric peeking out. And I am certain the mugs were a joke, as if they were stubbornly not listening to Mom.

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