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October 13, 2022



I am getting image errors and I am sad because I want to see the dogs.

(it may, however, just be my computer being funky. Don't know.)


KC - I am too. I will work on it.


Looks really good. You even got the "this is a flash photo" effect into that painting, which is frankly amazing. (but more importantly, the dog looks like the photo dog and also does not look homicidal!)


It is great! With one very minor nitpcik...I feel like the nostrils could stand to be grayed out a tiny bit to give a little contrast with the fur. Otherwise I think it's perfect!


KC - Thank you! She was never a homicidal dog. Just addled.
AH - you are so right. I will fix that before I send it off.


And damn it, the right eye is still wonky.


The eye is a bit different from the photo, but I think it's a plausible, realistic, doggy eye and could stay as-is.


KC - true. It will stay as is

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