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October 06, 2022



I think there is still expression in both eyes, just very different. The left eye looks happy. The right eye looks angry. If you cover the left side of the face, it looks like he is about to attack. The chain looks fantastic and I think the grizzling (is that a word?) is just right. I used to have a dog with that colouring and it is very true to life. Even down to the cute wrinkled forehead.


AH - you are right. I think I just need to lift the top left edge of the right eye. then there's one long white whisker to add and it's on to the next dog.


AH - And now I realize that because I flipped the eyeball the dog's kind of crosseyed, and one eye is smaller than the other.


I meant to follow up on this, I don't think he looks cross-eyed! unless you made a change after this post that caused the cross-eyed-ness.


AH - but he should have been cross-eyed in theory. I was trying to make him look directly at the camera like the other two, but I have given up on that.

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