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October 25, 2022



I love that the lady saw your mask and offered to mask and then *wore a mask*!

I have read that airplane air filtering is really good now, such that the recirculated air is clean and you only really need to worry about adjacent passengers. How adjacent, I do not know, but anyway, it's something. (and if your mask is a good-enough fit and stays snugly on for the entire flight, it also matters a whole lot less what other people do, which is nice)

But anyway! We now know that there is at least *one* non-automatically-mask-wearing American who is observant and kind about wearing a mask! Hooray!

(and teeny service dog!!!)(and I continue to be sorry that this situation sucks in so many ways. long-distance hugs to you.)


KC - Plus, she helped me put my suitcase in the overhead bin.

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