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September 12, 2022



I am SO GLAD that he is not clicking on links in email. Big points for that.

(can I tell you how much I hate that banks are now sometimes emailing? It used to be "any email claiming to be from your bank is fraudulent so you can just ignore them" and now... nope. Sigh. The rules change on us.)


KC_ my fear is that they will step up their spoofing game. I rely on the From address to tell me it's legit.


...yeah, the from email address can be spoofed. I'm pretty sure it's a lot more difficult, though, as I've only gotten a few of those (100% bulk blackmail attempts trying to convince me that they have videos from my webcam of me watching porn; 1. I do not watch porn, and 2. there is a post-it note over my webcam except when it is in active use, in part so there are ZERO worries of this kind).

Also they can spoof phone numbers, but presumably you already knew that. Fundamentally, the "I will call your company back" route is the safest.

There are aspects of Modern Times that I do not like. (in addition to propaganda/Trump, forest fires - I grew up in Seattle and this whole "a few days in the summer are smoky because of forest fires" thing was not a thing 20+ years ago, the pandemic and the bulk collective giving up on it, etc.)


KC - I am done with Spam calls. The no call list does no good. I don't know why theres no tech way around this.

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