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August 24, 2022



I'd vote for keeping your favorites out of the wrapping paper. (half because it's such a pain to find good paper, and half because making people either Advent Calendars or Bad Day Present packages: a reserve of small treats and weird things, each wrapped so it's a surprise, is actually *really really fun* to put together - and fun for gift-loving people to receive - and can be done from home)(I am nearly out of non-Christmas wrapping paper due to this)

That and the pandemic's gotta be over-ish sometime, right? Right?



KC - Okay, I will keep one of the 30 rolls I have. A plain red one. appropriate for every occasion.


I mean, if you really don't ever wrap gifts, it is fine to continue that habit. I just have been repeatedly surprised over the years at when exactly I need gift wrap and therefore now try to keep a hoard (it's also hard to get rolls of gift wrap delivered, sigh).

But also we have some nieces and nephews and a few people who Really Like Presents. So the situation is not parallel even though I also would not be going as a crowd of 30 people to a soccer game...

(if you did go to a soccer game, would you bring Celebrity Hat? Would Celebrity Hat ever forgive you if you had that large of a party and did not feature Celebrity Hat as the star of the show?)


KC - I feel there is a strong tea > Britain > soccer connection, so Celebrity Hat would be there. And the only time there are girts that are wrapped are when I want to point out to Gary that wrapped girst are kind of fun, sometimes. Perhaps I'll keep three bags and a square of paper.

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