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August 28, 2022



Ha ha, victory! It drives me crazy that you can't do that kind of thing simply and easily. We still have a landline and I also like the security of it, but we also have two kids in university this year so we're exploring whether to let it go.


It's really something how fast they start offering you deals when you are obviously On Your Way Out... and how otherwise if you call there "aren't any cheaper options" than you're getting. In the last two months, we've swapped internet (now paying half the price - it turns out that if we had adequately appeared to be on the way out, we could have gotten a half-price deal for our previous internet, but we got the new one set up first and just... no. We're not swapping back.) and one cell phone (they threw an extra $6/month charge on the line and lied about it, so we swapped to a different provider and 1/4 of the cost) - and it is *amazing* how different the "we can get you a better deal!" energy is when you are just flat-out asking them to cancel the service, we're done, thanks.


Allison - they seem to really discourage landlines. I didn't realize a landline makes it easy for the 911 operator to identify your house.
KC - it's hard enough to accept the "time and materials" method of business. (You pay for the drainage people to try to fix your problem, even if they don't fix it.) Now there's this squishy incentive pricing nonsense. Add car price negations to that. Puts me right off buying anything.

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